Double Gold Slots

Just the title of the game is enough to draw people into this slots that has three reels and one payline. Everyone wants to think they can get gold and with the chance of winning double gold, the anticipation is over and above anything expected. Players are able to place single coin bets or two coin bets and even three coin bets when playing this slots game that also has a fun option. The coin sizes are totally up to the player, he can choose to place bets with coin sizes of $0.01 or has high as $10 per coin size giving a maximum bet of $30 per spin.

The High Payouts

The Double Gold logo is wild in this game and when a single logo appears on the payline with two other symbols that are the same, the winnings for that line are doubled. When two of the Double Gold logos appear on the payline, the winnings are quadrupled for that payout. Three of the Double Gold logos with a single coin bet rewards players with 800 coins, with a two coin bet placed the player receives 1600 coins and with a three coin bet placed the player receives 2500 coins. Apart from the Double Gold logos in the game players will not the number 7 and single, double and triple bars that all offer handsome payouts but of course the Double Gold logo awards the best payouts.