7x Lucky 7s Slots

7x Lucky 7's slots is all about the 7x symbol that appears in this three reel one paylline game that also has a random progressive jackpot. The random progressive jackpot can be awarded at any time during real money play, but it must be awarded by the time it reaches $25000 so the closer it gets to this huge amount the more likely it will pay out if it has not already.

The Simple and Huge Multipllier Factor

Players should note the 7x symbol in this game as it is the wild and also the highest paying symbol. When appearing on the paylline with two other symbols it multiplies the winnings for that symbol 7x and when two appear on the paylline with another symbol, the winnings are multiplied 49x. At the end of any winning spin the player can opt for the double up option where he can guess the outcome of a tossed coin, heads or tails. If the player guesses correctly the player will double his winnings, an incorrect win will lose the player his winnings for that spin. Simplicity with grand wins is the best way to describe this easy to play rewarding slots game.