Ultimate 10x Wild Slots

If you are looking for a slots game that is quick to play, easy and offers some incredible results then look no further than the Ultimate 10x slots game. This game has it all and only in a setting of three reels and one payline. At any time when playing the real money version of the game, the player can win the random progressive jackpot that increases in value with every real money bet that is placed.

Two Different Wild Multipliers

This game is made up of familiar slots symbols with two extra wilds. Both the 3x and the 10x symbols are wild and offer the best payouts. One of the 3x symbols appearing on the active payline will substitute for other symbols and complete a winning payline. With one 3x symbol the winnings are tripled and with two 3x symbols the winnings are multiplied 9x. The 10x symbol is also wild and this also substitutes for other symbols and in this way, completes winning paylines. One of the 10x multiplies winnings 10x and two of the 10x symbols multiplies winnings 100x. And there is more, if the 3x appears with the 10x on the payline players benefit from a multiplier of 30x. Players can place one, two or three coins per spin in this game that is so rewarding and enjoyable to play.