Specialty Games

Specialty Games are what makes one casino different from another and at Liberty Slots Casino there is a fine choice of specialty games which add interest and a little change from the regular casino games. Many of the specialty games are games that do not need much input in terms of thought and actions by the player, these are games that are easy to play and also quick which offer a wide betting range where players can test their luck and hope for the best. Some of the games do need more than a little strategy involved but this does not take away from the immediate fun and of course winning opportunity that players can enjoy at the Liberty Slots Casino.


Keno is one of the most famous of the specialty games offered at the Liberty Slots Casino and is game of luck and chance. It is an ancient game that has been adapted from a Chinese game where warriors who were defending a local village would sit in wait for the enemy. In this game, a board of 80 numbers is presented and the player can choose up to 15 numbers on the board. Once numbers have been chosen and bets placed the casino will randomly churn out different numbers from the board, this is powered by a random number generator. If any of the players numbers match then a win is declared. The more numbers that match the greater the win.

Top Specialty Games at Liberty Slots Casino

Included amongst the specialty game are also games of chance such as Bingo Bucks or Dazzling Dice where the outcome of the game is pure luck. In the Dazzling Dice game, five sets of dice are played as if five card hands and the highest score from all the dice yields the best win. Other specialty games at Liberty Slots Casino include two Poker themed games; Poker Dice and Poker Slots. The beauty of all of these specialty games which are available to play at Liberty Slots Casino is that they are instant and proved a nice break from the more popular and well known slots and table games.

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