Crazy Cherry Slots

Crazy Cherry Slots doesn't even have solid cherries in the game but it does have the Crazy Cherry symbol that offers huge payouts and is also a wild symbol award nice payouts when one or more appear on the screen. There are three reels and just one payline to this game that allows players to place bets of up to five coins per spin. The coin size is a choice of the player and it can be anything from $0.01 up to $10 per spin. The best payouts are of course for the maximum number of coins with the highest value of coin. There is no auto play option in this game but players can hit the play max button giving them the maximum bet option with the coin size they have chosen.

Advantages of the Crazy Cherry

Symbols in the game are traditional, there are single bars, double bars, triple bars and 7's. The Crazy Cherry symbol is wild and when it appears in any combination on the screen it awards the player nice payouts. With a single coin bet and one of the Crazy Cherry slots logos the player earns 200 coins, with a two coin bet the player earns 400 coins,with a three coin bet the player earns 600 coins, and a four coin bet earns the player 800 coins and 1000 coins is given for a five coin bet with one of the Crazy Cherry symbols on the screen. The Crazy Cherry symbol is also the highest paying symbol giving players an incredible 5000 coins when the player places a five coin bet and three appear on the payline. With a four coin bet the player receives 4000 coins, with three coins the player receives 3000 coins and with two coins the player receives 2000 coins. Even a one coin bet gives the player 1000 coins if all three positions are filled with the Crazy Cherry symbol on the payline. The Crazy Cherry is not so crazy for players when they start winning such nice amounts.