Time Bender Slots

The Time Bender Slots is a charismatic video slot that has got a strong theme of science fiction, space and aliens, so if this sounds like the type of slot that you go for, or you're just interested in trying out something new, then be sure to keep on reading this review and see what you make of it. There are tons of wild features in this slot that are going to help you win bigger than you ever have before, so if this is appealing to you then it's another good reason to test it out, don't you think?

Gorgeous aesthetics and general information

The Time Bender Slots has been created by Arrows Edge, who are popular software providers. This guarantees stunning visuals and features beyond belief, so if you're keen on this then be sure to test it out. The slot isn't the newest, considering the fact that it came out back in 2017. The fact that it is still being spoken about though says a lot, don't you think?

There are 5 reels and 40 paylines to enjoy using here in the Time Bender Slots, which are nice figures to begin with. The coins range from 0.8 - 240 which is really nice too. The large distribution in variation is pretty impressive, don't you think? This allows tons of different players to join in on the fun so it's a positive factor. As for the coins per line, these begin from 0.02 and reach all of the way up to 6. For the maximum win per line, these begin at 800x.

Fantastic features and symbols

For the key features here in the Time Bender Slots, look out for the free spins, bonus rounds, wild symbols, scatter symbols and progressive jackpots. These are really impressive because each and every one of them give you the ability to win bigger than ever before, so why not try it out today and see what you can uncover? There are loads of cool symbols in the Time Bender Slots, such as the man, green portal, blue portal, the A, K, Q, and J and more. If you manage to get these symbols in winning combinations then you're winning big, there's no doubt about that.

The Time Bender Slots in a nutshell

The Time Bender Slots has got a ton of positive reasons to play it, so take a look at it today and see whether it works for you. Indulge in the stunning visuals and gameplay that it offers.