Privacy Policy

By reading and understand the terms and conditions of Liberty Slots Casino players are also agreeing to the Private Policy as listed below. If players are not happy or do not agree with any part of the private policy as listed below then they may contact the casino or choose to discontinue using it. The casino management reserves the right to change or add to the private policy at any time, updates will be advised and this will be considered a players acceptance of the new changes.

Personal Information

As soon as a player has registered at the Liberty Slots Casino his information is considered useable by the casino for collecting information about the customer in order to help service the casino. This information may also be used securely by third parties associated with the casino in order to gather information that will help improve the services of the casino. This can include personal information such as age or credit card usage and so on.

Use of Personal Information

The information that is provided to Liberty Slots Casino is only used for the casino. The information is used to improve services and games that are offered by the casino including support, software updates and game improvements. The information may be used in confidence by outside bodies who are employed by the casino to improve and better the services and overall package offered. All information is confidential and there should be no concern with regard to identity fraud. The casino upholds the customers data protection rights in terms of all the information divulged to the casino for use by the casino.

Email Support

By accepting the private Policy of Liberty Slots Casino players will also receive immediate updates on any changes that the casino may introduce. This includes new games, new promotions and newsletters sent out by the casino.

Email Support

Cookies are electronic files containing information from the casino which are automatically downloaded to the computer when a website is accessed on a regular basis. Liberty Slots Casino uses cookies which will automatically download to the computer when players register as real players. These cookies are harmless and offer a way to store important information for the gaming experience.


Liberty Slots Casino does as much as possible to ensure the safe and secure passage of information on the internet. But it cannot 100% guarantee that all information is secure and therefore the user must accept and understand that in very rare occurrences information can be obtained by outside bodies from the casino.

Legal Requirements

Liberty Slots Casino is required by law to divulge information to governments if there is a suspicion that the law is being broken. Liberty Slots Casino reserves the right to make this decision and will inform the customer of this if it is deemed necessary.

Any questions regarding the private policy of the casino can be sent by email or addressed through the customer services section of the casino.