Monster Blowout Slots

Ready for a monster blowout, plus tons of pretty aesthetics and fun themes? Then you need to check out the Monster Blowout Slots, you're surely going to love it. There are a ton of cool features to enjoy in here, plus symbols and bonuses that are going to help you win bigger than ever before. The reels are set in an electric blue, and in the background you can just about make out a building. The reels are covered in multicolored fairy lights, which gives it a nice touch. The prize figures are on the right hand side, in a glowing green box. If this sounds like a video slot that you'd like to hear more about, then why not keep reading this review and see what it has got to offer?

Gorgeous aesthetics and statistics

The Monster Blowout Slots has been developed by none other than Arrows Edge themselves, so if you have heard of them before then you know what to expect. The slot is super new, having only been released back in May of 2023. The RTP, which stands for the return to player rate, has come in at a really nice percentage of 94.23%. Although this is ever so slightly under the national average percentage of 96%, the Monster Blowout Slots makes up for it in many other ways.

Take the variance level for example, this comes in at high which is really nice. The minimum bet starts at 0.3 and reaches all of the way up to 30. The layout you're going to find in the Monster Blowout Slots includes that of a 5x3. There are even 30 betways included.

Fantastic features and Symbols

The best features included in the Monster Blowout Slots include the additional free spins, bonus games, buy features, free spins, progressive jackpots, scatter symbols and the wild. There are plenty more where those came from, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for them if you're looking to score winning combinations. There are a load of symbols in the Monster Blowout Slots as well, and these include the black, blue, green and red monsters, the card suits, and finally the pizza. Don't let these slip past you as they are really going to bump up your earnings.


There are plenty of worthy reasons to play at the Monster Blowout Slots, so why not try something new today and see what you can accomplish with it? You're going to have the best time ever!