Big Cats Slots

Are you more of a dog or cat person? If you've answered cats, then why not try out this brand new cats inspired video slot? It's not just house cats that we're dealing with here, it's all types of feline animals, from tigers to jaguars, you're going to find them all here. As well as the intriguing theme, there are also tons of epic features and bonuses that are going to double your experience playing the Big Cats Slots. So, if this sounds like it would be the right one for you, then be sure to check it out today and see what you make of it. You're going to have the best time ever!

Aesthetics and general information regarding the Big Cats Slots

There is a lot to note about the Big Cats Slots, so let's jump straight into it. Let's first talk about the general aesthetics that are on offer. The reels are set against a natural landscape covered in snow. There is water trickling in a nearby stream, which also gives off a nice sound effect. The reels themselves are enclosed in a wooden grid, keeping everything easily visible and comprehensible at all times.

The Big Cats Slots has been brought out and developed by the very well known software developers, Wager Gaming, so if you like these guys, then you're bound to enjoy what's on offer here. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the Big Cats Slots has been brought out pretty recently, in September of 2023 to be exact. If you enjoy playing new slots that have got tons of up to date features and graphics then this is certainly the right one for you.

The layout of the wintery grid in the Big Cats Slots consist of a 5x4 layout with 1,024 betways. There's a minimum bet of 0.5 available, and a maximum one of 100 too. I'm loving the variation that we've got going on here, it's really nice to have a change in figures allowing tons of platers to take part.

Features, symbols and the conclusion

As for the features in the Big Cats Slots, look out for the additional free spins, regular free spins, free spins multipliers, scatter symbols, and finally, the wild symbols. When it comes to the best symbols, these include the card suits, and animals such as cats, lions and tigers. There are plenty more where those ones came from, so give the Big Cats Slots a go today and see what you can accomplish with them. You're going to love the Big Cats Slots, so check it out today and see!