King Tut's Treasure Slots

King Tut's Treasure slots is based on the ancient legend of King Tut. This game only has one payline but there are still many options presented to the player in the game including a chance to win a maximum jackpot of 2000 coins. Players can try out the game for fun but as they will see when clicking on the game there is nothing complicated in the game and it might be just best to play the game for real money directly. Players can choose their coin size starting at $0.01 and reaching as high as $10.

Betting Choices

The player may choose to place single coins, two coin bets or three coin bets per spin. Naturally the highest payouts are for the three coin bets. The symbols in the game all relate to the era of King Tut and include pyramids, the ankh, mummies and more. The largest payout is given to players that land three of the King Tut symbols on the payline with a three coin bet. Players are rewarded with 2000 coins. With a two coin bet the player receives 1000 coins and with a one coin bet the player receives 500 coins. The King Tut also acts as a wild symbol and takes the place of other symbols on the payline to make it into a winning payline. When the King Tut is used on the payline the winnings for that line are doubled and two of the King Tut symbols multiply the winnings 4x. This is a very easy and fun game to play with large rewards for players in relation to the bets they place.