Liberty Slots Casino

The Liberty Slots Casino is named for the wide range of slots games that if offers to its players. There are five reel slots games and three reel slots games, games with bonus trails and games with off screen bonuses together with games offering random and regular progressive jackpots. The range of slots games available at the Liberty Slots Casino is superb with so many different styles and types to choose from. All of the games can be viewed online with a detailed explanation of how to play each game before playing them and many of the games can be played for fun or practice before placing real money bets.

Three Reel Slots

Three reels slots, often called classic slots games offer single paylines and multi paylines amongst their three reels. These are games which include nudges, shiftas and holds on the base reels giving each player a chance to interact with the game and make decisions on which reels and symbols to hold or move forward in the hope of landing a winning line. Some of the three reel classic slots offer off screen bonus trails where the player works his way around the board in order to earn more prizes. The themes vary greatly from local patriotic themes to sports games and even fantasy games. The quality of the graphics and color is consistent throughout each game and in line with the quality of the service and overall presentation of Liberty Slots Casino.

Five Reel Paylines

Five reels slots also known as video slots are by far the most popular of the slot machines at any casino including the Liberty Slots Casino. These games are offered with varying paylines which can start at games with nine paylines and offer as many as 50 paylines for some games. At Liberty Slots Casino there are also two bonus slots games with 7 reels; Farming Futures and Lucky 7's. There are bonus games which take place off screen, on screen free spins, scatter symbols and also wild symbols that all contribute to the excitement of the five reel slots games. These five reel slots games are offered in many different themes which cover all walks of life from sports to politics to fancy living and underwater scenes as well as games that stretch an imagination. Both the three reel slots and the five reel slots offer some progressive slots games where there are random progressive jackpots together with progressive jackpots which can be worked towards. The excitement of the slot machine games at Liberty Slots Casino adds to the overall quality and exceptional high standards of the casino which is open to US players in addition to players around the world.