Slot Machines

Liberty Slots Casino

At Liberty Slots Casino there are over 150 different slot games to choose from which include every type and style of slot game that could possibly be thought of. There are three reel slots with bonus trails, five reel slots games with off screen bonus games and then there are two types of progressive slots games- random progressive slots and jackpot progressive slots games.

Three Reel Slots

The three reel slots at Liberty Slots Casino cover a wide range of topics which include sporting events, patriotic events for US players, fantasy and real life subjects. Many of the three reel slots have a single payline where players can place one or more coins per bet. There are also games with more than one payline and both types of games can offer wild symbols, scatters and even free spins. Three reel slots are also a popular place to find the holds, nudges and shiftas which offer players the chance to interact in the game and move symbols or hold them in order to try and land a better winning combination.

Five Reel Slots

Five reel slots, also known as video slots offer five reels and multiple paylines which can vary from five paylines up to fifty paylines in a single game. These games are filled with colorful symbols and sometimes numbers that relate to the subject of the game which can vary from sports to animals to history and fantasy. Many of the five reel slots games offer bonus games some of which are bonus trails others are off screen bonus games where players interact in different levels to achieve better results. Wilds and scatter symbols are also very characteristic of these types of games which can contribute to more winning configurations and offer free spins with multipliers.

Progressive Slots

Both three reel and five reel slot games can also be progressive. There are two types of progressive slots, the random progressive slots and the jackpot slots. Random progressive slots are regular slots game that can award at any time a random progressive jackpot at the end of a spin. Jackpot progressive slots are games that offer a jackpot for certain configurations of symbols when players have placed a maximum coin bet, this is not a maximum value bet. Coin sizes vary from game to game but apart from the progressive games which are linked to the same games at different casinos, all of the games can be played for fun or practice. At the Liberty Slots Casino players can also read up clear and precise instructions for each game together with tips on how to play each game. instructions for each game together with tips on how to play each game.