Royal Carribean Slots

Royal Caribbean Slots is a straightforward classic slot, albeit an older one. The theme of this game is Royalty. You can access this game by registering with Liberty Slots Casino, getting an account number and by using that with your password you will be in the lobby area where you will find Royal Caribbean Slots under the Slot category Traditional Slots. You can play this game for fun or for real money directly from the lobby area.

About the Game

There are two pay tables in this game located to the right of the slot. The pay table on the bottom has the lower paying symbols, while the pay table on the top has the high paying symbols. There is no Auto Play button in this game.

Playing the Game

This game is primarily about Royalty. These symbols are consistent with early century British culture. There is one symbol that pays the highest amount - he could be a Count or a Prince or some kind of Royalty. He will pay out 1600 coins if you get all three on the center pay line. 1000 coins will be paid if you get two on the center pay line, and 400 coins if only one appears on the center pay line.

Play Royal Caribbean Slots at Liberty Slot Casino

In order to really collect wins, we suggest you bet the max. Although this is not a high paying slot game, it can be an ideal slot to play for someone who is just beginning to engage in online slots.