Marvelous Marlins Slots

As we have been pointing out in our Liberty Slots' traditional slot reviews, many of these slots can only be downloaded. Marvelous Marlins Slots is another of this ilk. To download this game, simply register with Liberty Slots and they will give you an account number. Add a password to this and you will be ready to play all of their casino games in the lobby area. Marvelous Marlins is located under the slots category - Traditional Slots. You can play for fun or for real money directly from the lobby area.

About Marvelous Marlins Slots

As a 1-payline classic slot, Marvelous Marlin has one of the lowest jackpots we've seen. This is due to the fact that this is a very old slot game. In fact, the highest bet is higher than the highest win! The pay table is located at the bottom right of the slot machine, while the slot itself is located at the top left. Next to the slot machine you will see the special features in this game. There is an Auto Play button and a stop spin button which, in this, may come in very handy.

Playing the Game

The Marlin is the only special symbol in this game. When a Marline appears on the top pay line, the payouts can be anywhere from 9 coins to 45 coins depending upon how many coins you wager (1 to 5). When the Marlin appears on the middle line, betting 1-5 coins, you can win from 3 coins to 15 coins, respectively. When the Marline appears on the bottom line, playing 1-5 coins, you can win 1 to 5 coins, respectively.

Play Marvelous Marlin Slots

Among all the traditional games we've reviewed, Marvelous Marlins Slots is not a high paying slot, to say the least. But if you are just entering the online world of slot play, you may wish to begin playing this game.