Make You Rich Slots

Make You Rich Slots

This slot is played in a 3x3 format with floating, high-tech symbols. I love an excellent combination of modern graphics and a more simplistic format often found on retro games, plus this theme itself is brilliant. There are five active pay lines and six overall symbols on this board. The process of generating wins is typical, you'll need to create a combination of three winning symbols within the playing field. If multiple pay lines land on the grid, the largest will pay out.

There is a special symbol on this board, and it's Ingot. The Ingot helps activate the bonus rounds. This game is by the company Dragon Gaming, which is a well-known software development company that's been around the block a few times. They've been around since 2004! They're known for innovation, quality, and globally praised games. The betting range is pretty satisfactory for players of all backgrounds and financial environments. Small rollers will be happy with the low bet minimum of 0.05 EUR while high rollers will be satisfied with the maximum bet of 100 EUR per spin.

Make You Rich has a typical control panel. There are buttons at the top right corner and buttons at the bottom left corner. You can adjust your stake, auto-spin, or turn on turbo mode or off. There is a detailed menu where you can check out a pay table. You can turn on and off the sound effects or ambient sounds. The board itself is lively and animated. On the left and right sides, animated golden dragons are spiraling up pillars. The symbols themselves are golden and gorgeous, and the background of the board displays an Asian temple with fog seeping out. The graphic design of this celestial temple is stunning and picturesque. The music that accompanies the slot resembles calming video game background music, the kind of music you'd expect from a game with these sorts of aesthetics. There are six symbols, three of them are low and three of them are high. The low-paying symbols are the lanterns for example, while the high-paying symbols are the Abacus, the image of the god Caishen, and the Key.

You can play this game both in demo mode as well as on mobile devices. It can be played on desktop computers just as easily as laptops, tablets, or iPads. Best of all - you can play free of actual bets as long as you want, allowing the chance to become intimate with the game.

Bonus Rounds

While this slot might lack classic bonus symbols like expanding or cascading wilds or scatters that reward free spins, there's still a phenomenal bonus round. If you trigger a winning combination on the grid, keep your eye on a counter to the left of it which will have an Ingot symbol. To trigger the bonus round, you need to trigger a match of three symbols. There is a bonus session you can access where five games will have a multiplier of 5x attached.

There is a buy feature within this game as well. For this game, you can buy the special Ingot symbols, and you can buy one or more if you choose. You can even fill the Ingots counter if you pay 82x the maximum bet.