Atomic Jackpot Slots

Science lovers will drawn to this simple three reel game that has just one paylline. The background of the Atomic Jackpot slot game is a lab where experiments are carried out by the hassled professor. There are atoms and test tubes and interesting liquids that fill the screen of this simple slots game. Players can try out the game for fun and also try out the skill stop that is included.

Betting for Science

The betting options in this game are quite vast. Players can place one, two, three, four or five bets per spin and this is with a wide choice of coin options. The coin size options start with $0.01 and are as high as $5 giving a wide berth for players to enjoy. The highest payout is awarded for the atomic beakers that gives players 2500 coins when five appear on the paylline with a five coin bet, with a four coin bet the player earns 2000 coins, with a three coin bet the player earns 1500 coins and with a two coin bet the player earns 1000 coins. A single coin bet also rewards the player with 500 coins. It's all in the formula in this scientific slots game.